Wet food for cats

Daily Pleasures

Luger's Daily Pleasures with salmon and tuna 400 g, 185 g, 85 g
Luger's Daily Pleasures with beef and chicken hearts 400 g, 185 g, 85 g
Luger's Daily Pleasures with trout and sardines 400 g, 185 g, 85 g
Luger's Daily Pleasures with duck hearts 400 g, 185 g, 85 g
Luger's Daily Pleasures with beef and shrimps 400 g, 185 g, 85 g
Luger's Daily Pleasures with white fish 400 g, 185 g, 85 g
Luger’s Daily Pleasures line is designed for daily nutrition of adult cats. Products cover 100% of the nutritional needs of these animals based on modern standards and dietary recommendations. The ingredients used, including meat and offal, including fish and fish products, are a source of protein and fat of the highest nutritional and biological quality. Luger’s Daily Pleasures products have an optimal fat content appropriate to the natural requirement of arachidonic acid found in meat and offal, essential for proper functioning of a cat’s body. Additionally, fish ingredients serve as a natural source of n-3 fatty acids, which play several roles in a cat’s body, including inflammation control. Addition of taurine ensures satisfaction of cats’ physiological needs, enabling proper digestion of fats and proteins. Optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio contributes to maintaining the balance of these elements in the body and ensures bones mineralization. Iodine supports the proper course of metabolic processes for all nutritional components. Careful selection of ingredients and production method guarantee high palatability, ensuring that every adult cat regularly receives the necessary nutrients to maintain proper health.

Kitten's Time

Luger's Kitten's Time veal and shrimp 85 g
Luger's Kitten's Time chicken hearts 85 g
Luger’s Kitten’s Time line offers complete food for kittens from three months of age, based on a variety of meat ingredients. The composition of this food provides diverse sources of protein, fatty acids and other nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Precisely selected proportions of these elements maintain high nutritional and biological value, ensuring optimal growth parameters for young cats. Presence of various types of meat and offal provides all necessary essential amino acids and valuable minerals. The food is enriched with additives regulating digestive and secretory functions of the gastrointestinal tract. Luger’s Kitten’s Time contains additives necessary to support proper growth and development of little cats, e.g. brewer’s yeast and fructooligosaccharides, which support intestinal microbiota. This ensures proper digestive processes, thereby strengthening immune system. The formula of this food also includes additives which are a source of biologically active compounds, ensuring proper functioning of organs in the kitten’s body. Beetroot powder and dried rosemary not only stimulate digestive functions, but also protect the body from external negative factors. Additionally, this food contains taurine, a key ingredient in the feline diet that supports digestion and fat absorption and is important for the development of the young cat’s nervous system. The composition and consistency of Luger’s Kitten’s Time food guarantee its attractiveness and palatability, making it an ideal choice as a primary nutritional product, ensuring harmonious growth and development for kittens.
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