We create food for our four-legged pets in such a way that we do not harm Mother Nature and live in harmony with her. How do we combine the pleasant, or rather the delicious, with the useful? We already explain....

The sun, as a renewable source, provides energy that we use efficiently in the operation of the entire plant. Unfortunately, it does not shine around the clock, but for us this is not a problem. We are backed by LED technology – 85% less energy consumption, impressive isn’t it?

We separate waste to be reused later, and the Packaging Recovery Organisation helps us to do this.

Water = Life – Therefore, we do not waste it. We have our own intake, which covers the needs of the entire plant, and the water used in technological processes is recovered and reused.

Global warming? We do not want to contribute to it. That is why we use natural gas, so that a negligible amount of dust and CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

Bees – small, but they have enormous power. We must not allow them to become extinct. The apiary we look after is the habitat for millions of bees.
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